Financial Assistance Program

Part of our mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve.  As such, we maintain a policy to provide care for individuals in need of financial assistance.

Generally, if your income is less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines you may receive some financial assistance.

Our Financial Assistance policy may also allow for help with your bill if your income is over 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

This help is based on annual income, family size and balance of your hospital bill. The amount of help you receive will be determined by reviewing income, assets and other resources.

All patients who believe they may be eligible for financial assistance are encouraged to apply by completing a financial assistance application. To find out more about the Financial Assistance Program, please visit the hospital or call 214-647-5366 and one of our verification specialists will assist you.

Our Financial Assistance Program may be reviewed in its entirety below.

Plain-Language Summary of Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Application